People seen


“A Stunning Act”

Duo Lyrical Lyra has performed in several shows throughout the world. They worked in Ezuru, Kinetix, and Cirque Noel in the United States and were a featured aerial act in the Holiday special Angels of Peace.  They were showcased on the televised program, Bennissimo, in Switzerland, and later had the privilege of working in OhLaLa der Liebercircus with the renowned director Rolf Knie. They were asked to participate in the First Internacional Festival Circ de Figueres in Spain. They are currently working in one of Germany’s finest dinner shows, Schuhbeck’s Teatro.

Incredible tricks

‘wow, their tricks are incredible. I watched in ore as they performed what seemed to be impossible’


‘Not only is this exciting and dangerous but is is super sexy too. These two girls are amazing’

Beautiful & Elegant

‘They make it look so beautiful and elegant whilst performing amazing tricks. I have not seen anything like it.’

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